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Borås Zoo, a green oasis in the middle of Borås. One of Sweden’s largest and most modern zoos with over 600 animals of 65 different species. Our main focus is to show the great African animals as well as Nordic wildlife. The zoo was established 1962 after Sigvard Berggren brought a lion cub back from one of his many trips to Africa. Together with the City of Borås he created a zoo with large enclosures in fine surroundings. The zoo became famous around the world for its large, natural where wild animals lived together as in wild nature. 

The African Savannah
Our African savannah became a trend-setter for modern zoos around the world as Sigvard convinces the zoo-community that it was possible for different species to live together in the same enclosure. The 23 000 m2 savannah enclosure is still today our main attraction in the zoo. Watching different species in the same enclosure is off course an amazing experience. However, the main intention is to create as natural environment as possible, in order to stimulate natural behaviors.  This type of mentality has over the year resulted in good breeding results.